Tours to Hadhramaut



Discover the wonderful yemeni Hadhramaut !!


Day 1 : 7.30am Pick up at your Hotel in Salalah (Oman)

After crossing the border you will see immediatly the beautiful

Yemeni coast



Breakfast in Hawf

Road to Al Ghaydah (visit the Khat and fish market)

Then we will continue our trip through desert.

Night in Shahan city



Day 2 : From Shahan to Seyun

(road through the desert, closer to Seyun you will start to see

terrific canyons)

Night in Seyun



Day 3 : Visit of Seyun old city

Tarim (World famous theological center)

Shibam, the "Manhattan of the desert" 

Night in Seyun



Day 4 : Road to Wadi Doan



Visit the villages of Al-Hajarayn and Sif

Overnight in Haid al-Jazil




Day 5 : Visit Beit Bukshan village

Road to Al Mukalla

Visit of the Corniche, walk among old building

Evening walk around the estuary




Day 6 : Morning in Al Mukalla

Visit of the fish and vegetables marketd

Walk around the old city

(commercial area arould Omar Mosque) 

Afternoon : Road by coast to Al Ghaydah



Day 7 : Al Ghaydah to Salalah (around 5pm local time)


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